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Jalore Fort, one of the famous forts in India. Jalore Fort is the main attraction of Jalore, a town in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is one of the most famous and impressive forts in the state and has been known through history as the Sonagir or the ‘golden mount’. It is one of oldest forts of Rajasthan and is famous for long siege and battle between its Rajput king and Khilaji in early 14th century.

The base point for climb -up is an unspectacular place and can only be approached through narrow lanes.The autorickshaw is best vehicle to reach to base. The city is known as the 'Granite City' with hoards of shops dealing in granite. It is famous for the dances performed by the Bhils tribals, specially the Dhole dance & others like Gauri- a religious dance drama and Ghoomar.

It commands the town from a rocky outcrop 336m (1,200 ft) high fortified with a wall and bastions with cannon mounted upon them. This elevation takes a good two hours to climb. The main approach to the fort is from the north, up a steep, slippery road through three rows of fortification to a single rampart wall 6.1m (20 ft) high.

Jalore's history includes quite a few interesting stories of warfare, revenge, love and dominance. A politically important division of Marwar in the past, Jalore's fertile land has always meant economic benefit to its rulers. Before landing up in the hands of the Marwar rulers, the forts and palaces of the city passed through many hands.

However, before that, in the 8th century AD, Jalore was ruled by Pratihar kings and boasted of many beautiful temples and houses. The hustle and bustle of big cities is missing in this small Rajasthani city. The peaceful surroundings make it a sought-after place for people willing to explore the beauty of rural Rajasthan.

The Main Poles or Fort Gateway

Built into the fort wall are pols or gateways. TheSuraj Po, Dhruv Pol, Bal Pol and the Siroh Pol are the mighty gateways that lead into this fortress. The Suraj pol or the sun gate from the town is so built that the first rays of the morning sun enter through this gateway. It is an impressive gate with a small watch tower built over it. The Dhruv pol is rather simple looking compared to Suraj pol.

Mosque of Malik Shah
It is housed in the center of the Jalore Fort. Known to be famous Mohammedan saint, Malik Shah's mosque was built by Ala-ud-din Khilji. The mosque demonstrates the widespread influence of Gujarati style architectutal decorations on the designers.

The Jain Temples
There are quite a few Jain temples in Jalore. Few of them date back to the 8th century AD. The oldest one is that of Adinath. Its mandap was subsequently built in 1182 AD by Yasoriva. Built in white marble, the temple stands out astoundingly amidst the dark fort walls.

The temple of Parsvanath was built by the ruler of Jalore and then rebuilt in 1785 AD. A golden 'cupola' in the temple hall was used for theatre performances.

Other temples include the ones dedicated to Mahavira, Santinatha and the Ashtapads.

Attractions of Jalore

The ancient town has supposedly been buried due to a natural calamity. It was a renowned center of Brahmanical learning under the rulers of Jalore.

This town was a center of learning for Jainism and Shaivism. It is about 145 kms from Jalore.